About Us

DEKKADANCERS is an open, project-based, contemporary dance company. Founded in Prague in 2009 by two dancers and choreographers from the Czech National Ballet - Viktor Konvalinka and Tomáš Rychetský, along with photographer Pavel Hejný, the group has soon become one of the most exciting dance companies in the Czech Republic.

Since 2015 the company has been increasingly active under the new direction of Štěpán Pechar, Ondřej Vinklát and Marek Svobodník, the so called second generation (also dancers and choreographers from the Czech National Ballet in Prague). The trio work together as well as separately creating and staging their own projects for DEKKADANCERS as well as other companies as freelance choreographers.

The company performs at various prestigious venues in Prague (The New Stage of The National Theatre, The Estates Theatre, Jatka78), around the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Apart from productions for theatre, DEKKADANCERS also take part in fashion shows, rock concerts, music videos and other events.